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* Cork Coaster is a stylish eco-friendly addition to any bar,kitchen.
* Features a fine-grain natural cork finish throughout the coaster that is soft to the touch.
* Keep countertops clean while impressing your guests!
* Keeps cold and hot drinks from damaging furniture.
* Protect glasses from scratching surfaces.
* Coasters are 3.5 inches or 4 inches in diameter and 2 inches thick
* Absorbent material stop spill from hot coffee and cold drinking beverage.
* No liquid will leak through them.
* Malleable and flexible, easily cut into different shapes and sizes
* They will make an attractive and useful addition to any home decor.
* And the real bonus is they look classy and stylish in any home.
* If you are looking for a thoughtful,useful,and decorative housewarming present,you found a winner.
* Using this best coasters to keep your furniture looking nice for years to come.

Material All-natural slim Cork
Shape As per customer
Size 3.5″ 4″ in Diameter,Customers size are welcome
Weight 5.0-9.0g,Depending on the size of the customer
Thickness 0.2 inches thick
Material Cork,Stainless steel, Neoprene,Silicone,Absorbent paper,Wood,Soft pvc
Painting Color printing
Logo OEM deisgn
Usage Wedding,friends gathering,banquets,birthday parties,bars,clubes,restaurantet,etc.
Package According to the customer request
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