Classification of glass uses

The glasses are divided into double layer glasses and single layer glasses. Their production processes are different. The double layer glasses mainly meet the needs of advertising cups. The logo of the company can be printed on the inner layer for promotional gifts or gifts, and the insulation effect is more outstanding.

Classification of materials and uses:

Crystal glass, glass office cup, glass cup, glass cup with tail, glass cup without tail. The vacuum cup with tail does not have a short heat preservation time. The tailless cup is a vacuum cup with long heat preservation time.

Methods for cleaning glasses:

When cleaning the cup, the mouth, bottom and wall of the cup should be cleaned in place. Especially the bottom of the cup, which is not usually cleaned, may deposit a lot of bacteria and dirt. It is better to clean the cup with a brush. It is not enough to simply rinse with water. If you want to clean a cup stained with a lot of grease, dirt, lipstick or tea stain, you can squeeze toothpaste on the brush and brush back and forth in the cup, so that it is easy to wipe away the residual substances without damaging the cup.

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