Material of glass

1. soda lime glass: important components are silicon dioxide, sodium oxide and calcium oxide

Disadvantages: Hot drinks are easy to crack, and the temperature needs to be below 90 degrees

2. High boron silicon material: it is named because of the high content of boron oxide. Commonly used with tea sets and water tools, resistant to high temperature and will not crack

Disadvantages: the cup is thin and lacks texture

3. Crystal glass material: There are two kinds of lead crystal glass and lead-free crystal glass. Full lead crystal with 24% lead or more is called lead crystal, and lead-free crystal glass with less than 24% lead.

Advantages of crystal glass: good sound, high quality and clarity

Disadvantages: expensive! If the lead content is high, long-term use is not good

However, at present, glassware can only enter the market through third-party quality inspection, and there is no need to be too tangled

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