The difference between glass cups and ceramic cups

1. The advantages and disadvantages of glass cups Among all types of cups, glass cups are the healthiest. Because it does not contain any harmful chemicals, you can drink water with it without worrying about ingesting chemicals, which will affect your health. And the glass is smooth and easy to clean. Just note that the thermal conductivity of the glass is not very good, so try to shake the body of the glass with a small amount of hot water before preheating it, so as to prevent the glass from bursting.

2. In order to pursue the three-dimensional and aesthetic sense of the picture, some merchants will apply paint on the glaze and then fire it. This is the ceramic cup with color on the glaze. And the harmful substances in this cup paint are easy to seep out, thus endangering people’s health. Therefore, try not to choose this kind of cup for drinking water.

3. Glass is a good choice. Of course, ordinary ceramic cups and underglaze ceramic cups are similar to glass cups, and they do not harm the human body.

Glass has the advantages of beauty, hygiene, high temperature resistance, etc., but also has disadvantages such as brittleness; glass and ceramic cups have certain differences in material and color, and you can choose according to your own preferences when buying water glasses.

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