Which cup is best not to buy

1. Do not buy cups, especially plastic ones, that do not meet national standards.

2. Glass or ceramic cup with pattern inside the cup. This kind of cup is beautiful but easy to break.

3. Glass with impurities or bubbles, and it is best to change the glass once a year.

Above what is the most safe and about what kind of material mug cup don’t buy, when we choose the cup must be selected according to the purpose of the cup, not only look beautiful and nice, of the cup is the most safe glass, so if not for special purposes, it is best to use the glass, for the use of all kinds of glass also should pay attention to some taboos, To avoid the occurrence of health hazards. Cup is a necessity in our daily life, everyone wants a beautiful, convenient and practical cup, having a good cup can make us healthier and more love drinking water, so which kind of cup material is the safest, which kind of cup is best not to buy, let me introduce some commonly used cup material.

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