Which material is the safest

A KIND OF CUP IS GOOD LOOK FROM 3 RESPECTS COMMONLY: HAVE POISON, HAVE PECULIAR SMELL, BEAUTIFUL OR NOT. Therefore, which kind of cup material cup is also inseparable from these aspects.

1. The glass

Glass is a typical glass that is non-toxic and odor-free. Glass has the advantages of smooth surface and easy to clean, and it is not easy to breed bacteria. However, it is easy to explode when loaded with hot water and easy to knock against.

2. Ceramic cup

Like a glass, it is also a safe cup that is non-toxic and odor-free. Ceramic cups have the advantages of high temperature resistance and good insulation effect. However, some colored pottery and inferior products may also contain lead.

3. Plastic cups

Plastic cup is we often buy the use of the cup, because the plastic cup is not only convenient and quick, and very beautiful and resistance to fall off, let us can’t be attracted by the beautiful cup, but plastic cup security hidden danger is more, the plastic cup may contain fluorescent agent and ink, and suck ash and easy to breed bacteria, we’d better use less, a rinse before using, When used, we should also be careful not to pack too cold and overheated water, alcohol and acid drinks.

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