Wine Cup Classification

Wine cups are classified into red wine cups, Baijiu cups and champagne cups;

The subdivision rules are Bordeaux glass, Burgundy glass, Rhine glass, Sherry glass, etc.

1. In red wine glasses, the glass specifically designed for Bordeaux red wine has a narrow caliber and a capacity of around 170CC is the most ideal.

2. The Burgundy red wine glass is a tulip glass with a wider bottom.

3. In a Baijiu cup, the Burgundy type is slightly larger than that used for red wine, which belongs to the full type.

4. Another special Sherry glass is a small glass with a capacity of about 50CC.

5. When enjoying Sparkling wine, you can choose the champagne cup with small caliber and long and narrow body to watch the rising of bubbles; Alternatively, a shallow dish shaped cup with a wide caliber can be selected.

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