Wine glass

The wine glass is called Stemware in the public image because it has a slender base, but in fact, Stemware is just one of the wine glasses. In wine culture, the wine glass is an essential link that cannot be missed. In the traditional Western view, choosing the right glass for wine can help better taste the wine.

The bottom of the red wine cup has a grip, and the upper body is more plump and wider than that of the Baijiu cup. Mainly used to hold red wine and cocktails made from it. The Burgundy red wine glass is a tulip glass with a wider bottom.

The bottom of the white wine glass has a grip, and the upper body is longer and more curved than the red wine glass, but the overall height is shorter than the red wine glass. Mainly used to hold white wine. In the Baijiu cup, the waist of Burgundy white wine cup is slightly larger than that used for red wine, which is full.

Champagne cup, tulip shaped, straight and slender, Stemware.

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